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BEIJING — Exchange and cooperation are the "unstoppable trend" for relations across the Taiwan Straits despite various complications, a Chinese mainland spokesperson said Wednesday.

Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said at a press conference that the 30 years of exchange between the two sides show that exchange and cooperation are the common aspiration for the majority of people across the Straits.

Ma made the remarks while answering questions about the mainland music show Sing! China, whose performance in Taipei on Sunday was disrupted by pro-independence activists.

It was the third time the show had been staged in Taiwan this year and it has been welcomed by students and young people there, said Ma.

"We are happy to see young people from Taiwan and the mainland meet in the name of music and enjoy the happiness brought by musical aspirations," Ma said.

As to opinions on the island that the show is an attempt by the mainland to unite Taiwan on the cultural front, Ma said this is groundless and ignorant of the facts.

"To politicize this event is probably out of lack of confidence or due to particular ideological prejudices," he said.

In the past two years, Sing! China has visited more than 20 universities, middle schools and communities in Taiwan, attracting an overall audience of more than 20,000 from both the island and the mainland. Sunday"s event was staged at the National Taiwan University.